Being a leader is not without its challenges. It often requires that you beat impossible odds, stand alone, face adversity head-on, make unpopular decisions, and be strong when others are not. ONYX Magazine recognizes the fastidious care each stalwart takes in his quest to improve the world around him. That is why we celebrate Black men who are relentless and successful in their efforts to do so. The fourth annual ONYX Magazine’s Men of Honor presented “The Tallest Trees in the Forest,” Black men who excel in their professions and community work and inspire others to follow their lead. Encouraged by a quote from Dr. Mary McLeod-Bethune, “The Tallest Trees” stands for strength, resilience, and humble power. ONYX Magazine, along with Founding Partner Orlando Health, introduce 25 “tall trees” who exceed this notion. Join us as we celebrate them on a night that will motivate you to do more and incline you to stand tall. Learn about these outstanding men at

Photo: Philip E. “Brave” Davis, the prime minister of The Bahamas.