The second presentation of the Tampa Museum of Art’s Haitian flag collection highlights Erzulie, one of the most powerful and beloved Lwas or gods of the Vodou pantheon. Erzulie represents a family of goddesses who are also referred to as Ezili or Ézili. Erzulie Freida and Erzulie Dantor symbolize the two most recognizable forms of Erzulie. Considered sisters and rivals, Erzulie Freida and Erzulie Dantor both embody love but show it in different ways. Erzulie Freida exudes love through passion and sensuality, whereas Erzulie Danthor guards and defends the people she loves. Both manifestations of Erzulie are represented by hearts pierced with daggers. As demonstrated by the fifteen flags on view, Erzulie continues to captivate and inspire the artists of Haiti. Learn more. 

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