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Welcome to this issue of ONYX Magazine. We focus these pages on business and entrepreneurship as we celebrate Small Business Month in May. As a small business, ONYX relies on our community for support—without you, we could not continue to be a beacon throughout the state. Help our continued success by purchasing a one-year subscription, then ask your friends and family to join you. Thank you in advance for playing your part in keeping our community entertained, inspired and informed.

This issue also draws us to African American Music Appreciation Month. On the cover, we remind you that Country Music is a part of our history. Since Beyoncé released her new country songs, Black people have taken another look at the music that brought us together many years ago. We pay homage to those who fought racism and discrimination in the genre, salute the first woman to appear at the Grand Old Opry, and support the efforts of the up-andcoming Black Country artists.

Another story that might pique your interest is about generations of families living under one roof. This trend is spreading, and we explore the pros and cons. Also, do you make enough money to live comfortably? A new survey defines “comfortable” and shows how much you need to make to live that way—be you single or a part of a family.

Be sure to read all the stories in these pages. We hope you will be enlightened. As always, ONYX Magazine enjoys bringing you the news that entertains, inspires and informs. Thank you for continuing to receive it for nearly 27 years.